TACTICAL RURAL & Farm Protection Services

  • Tactical Risk Assessment, Audit, Analysis, Recommendation, Remediation & Elimination
  • Tactical Counter Risk or Threat Security Provision
  • Tactical Property Access Control
  • Tactical Armed Response Personal / Team/s (Operators / Vehicles)
  • Property – Physical Security;
    • Perimeter
    • Structures; including residence containing souls
    • Infrastructure; Power, Water, Technology, Communications
    • Mobile Security; Of Place, Of Person, Of live stock or Wildlife
    • Field Based Security Teams (overt & covert)
  • Community & Neighbour based involvement, opportunities, engagement & cooperation techniques & strategies.

Proactive Tactical Security & Protection capabilities for properties, reserves, farms & farmers;

  • Audit, Analyse, Recommend, Secure current state: Property, People, Standard Operating Procedures, Training, Communications)
  • Incorporating military grade counter insurgency methodology’s and practises. redesigned specifically for counter poaching and rural protection; Suspects, in order to be stopped in the majority of cases need to be hunted. PROACTIVE counter risk management methodology’s used in our security implementations;
  • Tactical Land Management & Surveillance – Relating to security of Target being protected; Person, Property, Live Stock or Wildlife
  • Security Strategy Defined; Implemented Operationally on engagement
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Defined in the Standard Operating Procedures agreed with client at engagement.
  • Integration (How can I use private security & the benefits of using private security provided – ESD supplied
  • Financial Models – How can I work security into my budget?
  • Professionalism & Safety – Using armed protection in an environment that may have civilian or family population on or around the property wildlife or person.
  • Recommendations / Risk Analysis – Security Report
  • Clear & Concise information as to your current security posture verse ESD supplied security end state
  • Collective and individual Counter Poaching Training
  • ESD Supplied Protection (100% – Property, Wildlife, Souls)
  • ESD Supplied Protection (Integrating Property Based Personal)
    • This option requires that those requesting this option have the relevant legal security requirements satisfied and will be thoroughly check by ESD prior to engagement.
  • ESD Supplied protection